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Applying for a conventional mortgage in Las Vegas can be daunting. There is so much information, so many forms, and so much language that can be confusing describing what documents are needed and how you qualify to apply for a home loan.

Experienced Mortgage Broker

 An experienced mortgage broker can make the process much easier for you, since they are working for you to match your loan needs and credit worthiness up with lenders who will loan on the kind of property you are looking to buy. Mortgage brokers act as a go between, interpreting the paperwork, and will help completing the many forms required in a mortgage application.  A mortgage broker also “shops” your loan requirements, along with your personal financial information, to the various lenders they work with whom they know loan to people similar to you, or on properties like what you are looking to buy. A good mortgage broker that provides residential mortgage services in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of southern Nevada can make getting a mortgage not only easier, but in many cases, a reality.

Conventional loans in Nevada have advantages. They offer a wider range of options for the type of mortgage, lengths of time the mortgage may be written for, and have different stipulations regarding home inspections and meeting standards. They can be written easily for vacation property, investment parcels, commercial property, and even some higher risk types of property, such as those requiring repairs or extensive remodeling. Jumbo or large loans are also available through conventional mortgages, and often are not through some of the federally mandated programs. 

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Conventional mortgages in Nevada are different than VA – Veteran’s Administration, FHA – Federal Housing Administration, or FmHA – Farm Home Administration loans. Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae typically underwrites conventional loans in Las Vegas, two federally monitored programs that are secondary real estate loan markets.  Both help people get into their own home with lower down payments. Conventional mortgages are also a good option for someone looking to refinance a home with low equity in the property. A mortgage broker most often will bring several different loan packages to you for consideration. They may or may not require mortgage insurance, there may be different down payment percentage requirements, and they can work with a range of FICO scores. Many conventional loans have prepayment penalties, and your mortgage broker will share that, as well as any other stipulations you need to know about when they explain the packages to you.

What is Conventional Mortgage?


A conventional mortgage is a good way to get on your feet and start building up equity in your own home. We are experts at taking your application and information and obtaining multiple offers from a variety of lenders for you to choose from and obtain a mortgage.  Contact our office through our online form, or call, and we will set up an appointment to talk about your home dreams and how we can help you achieve them. 

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Working with Andrew was an amazing experience. Not only did working with them save me time searching for the best mortgage, but the whole process was effortless.
Dion Carter
Everything was explained to me including all the options available and they found the best mortgage out there that met my needs. I would highly recommend their service.
Miles Anderson
Andrew is very customer service driven, focused on getting his customers the best result and always going above and beyond expectations. Andrew is the best mortgage broker I've worked with.
Paul Sendler