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We Initiate Fixed Rate Mortgages Las Vegas Loves

Fixed rate mortgages are the industry standard when writing a home loan, and have been for many years. The reason is predictability. You know up front what your interest rate will be for the entire duration of the loan, with the only variables to your mortgage payment being if there are changes to your property tax rates or homeowner’s insurance in escrow.

Mortgage Payment

Many borrowers like to know exactly where they stand with the amount their mortgage payment will be, month in and month out, without the worry of facing an increase or constantly varying payment amount as can happen with an adjustable rate mortgage. A good mortgage broker will be able to explain and help calculate with some degree of accuracy your potential mortgage payment based on interest rates, your credit score, employment history, available programs, and the amount you are asking to borrow. Each type of mortgage, fixed rate in particular, has specific down payment requirements, and they also take into account the debt ratio of the borrower and appraised value of the property being loaned against. 

Las Vegas Home Loans Lend Themselves Well to Fixed Rate Mortgages

Property values continue to increase in the greater Las Vegas – Henderson – North Las Vegas area, and are expected to keep going up. Is it time to lock in a low interest rate for your new home? A knowledgeable mortgage broker can take advantage of the competitive nature of lenders and can negotiate several packages you can review and choose from before you settle on a fixed rate mortgage. While you will have a fixed rate, and cannot immediately take advantage of a lower interest rate, you can always refinance in the future. Current interest rates are at all-time lows and there are different terms for fixed rates based on the length of time the mortgage runs.  You can even pay down the “points” or additional costs placed on top of the interest on a fixed rate mortgage to make your payments even lower over the course of your loan if you so desire. 

One of the most important things a good mortgage broker can provide is a thorough explanation of the paperwork, what you are signing, and how the whole process will work as the borrower. Mortgages are very complicated and there is a mountain of paperwork, and even if you do not want to know, you need to know what you are signing and how it will affect you. A good mortgage broker can put things in terms you can easily grasp while making the purchase of a home as painless as possible. Now is a good time while interest rates are still low to look at Las Vegas mortgage rates and make an offer on a home before prices further increase.

Mortgage Companies in Las Vegas Will Compete for Your Business

Our mortgage brokers are experienced in all types of fixed rate mortgages and can explain how they work during an initial meeting with you. There are many terms and a lot of terminology that may not be familiar, and we are happy to take whatever time is necessary to help you learn what affects your loan application, what documents are needed and why, and how the process works. We will help calculate how much your mortgage payments will be based on your personal financial situation, credit history, and the amount you feel comfortable paying each month on a mortgage. We have many years of experience in the southern Nevada region, work with a variety of lenders, and can help you sort out the different types of mortgage offerings and what will work best for your personal finances and future. Call us or send in our contact form and let’s get started on a new fixed rate mortgage package tailored to your new home purchase.

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Working with Andrew was an amazing experience. Not only did working with them save me time searching for the best mortgage, but the whole process was effortless.
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Andrew is very customer service driven, focused on getting his customers the best result and always going above and beyond expectations. Andrew is the best mortgage broker I've worked with.
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