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Purchase a Home While Las Vegas Mortgage Rates are Low

Las Vegas is growing and home prices are increasing. Now is the time to look for your new home before they go up even more. Building equity in your own home instead of paying rent is a solid investment in your future.

Knowledgeable Mortgage Broker

A knowledgeable mortgage broker can help secure funding for your home purchase even if you have had a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or are a first time home buyer. 

There are creative programs available and lenders with money who want to see you get into your own residence, whether it is a single family home, condominium, townhome, or multiplex. Experienced mortgage brokers like our group have a wide range of lenders they can “shop” your mortgage to, including those offering conventional, non-conventional, private, VA, FHA, and special programs.

A mortgage broker you establish a good working relationship with can be very helpful when you are working on buying a home. Applying for a home loan can be stressful, and very detailed. There are many documents that need to be supplied to potential lenders, including balance sheets, lists of liabilities and assets, proof of residency and employment, pay stubs and/or tax statements, bank statements, documentation from your current landlord or lender, and many others. A knowledgeable mortgage broker is aware what each lender requires, and can sort out and simplify the long list of needed information to make it easier for you to supply and apply. Your mortgage broker will match your information and realistic payment range to lenders who have the best rates and overall lending packages for you and your intended property. It is important to work with a mortgage broker you can comfortably discuss your finances with, and feel confident they are working for you to get the best home purchase package together they can find so you can start shopping for your new property.

Purchasing a residence

When you are purchasing a residence, investment property or vacation home a mortgage broker looks for the best interest rate, lowest points, and best financing package overall to fit your budget and capabilities. Their hard work up front makes buying a home or property a smoother transaction than having to arrange financing later, often against deadlines. 

One of the most important things a good mortgage broker can provide is a thorough explanation of the paperwork, what you are signing, and how the whole process will work as the borrower. Mortgages are very complicated and there is a mountain of paperwork, and even if you do not want to know, you need to know what you are signing and how it will affect you. A good mortgage broker can put things in terms you can easily grasp while making the purchase of a home as painless as possible. Now is a good time while interest rates are still low to look at Las Vegas mortgage rates and make an offer on a home before prices further increase

Do You Know What a Mortgage Calculator is, Las Vegas?

A mortgage calculator lets you figure out how much your home purchase will be every month in terms of your payment, with interest. Some of the mortgage calculators also let you add in for escrowed costs like homeowners and mortgage insurance. Your Las Vegas mortgage broker will be happy to explain how the calculator works, and how to find a feasible budget range for your new home purchase. Learning about the process and what is involved is part of being a smart consumer when you go to buy a home, and your mortgage broker can act as a guide helping you through the complications of obtaining a mortgage to purchase a home or property.

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Working with Andrew was an amazing experience. Not only did working with them save me time searching for the best mortgage, but the whole process was effortless.
Dion Carter
Everything was explained to me including all the options available and they found the best mortgage out there that met my needs. I would highly recommend their service.
Miles Anderson
Andrew is very customer service driven, focused on getting his customers the best result and always going above and beyond expectations. Andrew is the best mortgage broker I've worked with.
Paul Sendler